Computer Care and Learning Internship Program

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Adam Frost has been in the computer business for over 30 years helping people improve and maintain a strong computer system, including strong backup programs.

Interns will get to...

Intern Experiences

“A very interactive experience. I learned not only technical but social skills as well. There were often instances where I came across topics for the first time, but everyone is very supportive and happy to help.” -Kristine W.

"I encourage people to chime in with questions and what they are interested in" - Andrew S.

“A very interesting experience run by someone who has deeply rooted themself into technology while also helping others all across the country with their computer problems. I highly enjoyed Adam’s belief in a hands-on teaching experience and the way he connects with his customers on a down to earth approach.” - Benjamin N.

“The How To’s were very informative. I felt that I gained a lot of new technical skills through the project list” - Cindy C.

“It is a great experience in gaining an insight into how businesses run and emotional to see the customers’ reactions after having their requests fulfilled…It is very rewarding on a technical and social aspect.” - Angelina Y.

“I had a really good time exploring and learning new skills, and I hope to use them in the real world maybe even starting my own business in the future.” - Amirjon U.

"It was cool to see how a small business operates in a way" - Ishmam K.

"When doing work, it’s limited and a lot of ppl working on the same machine but its still an experience like no other" - David C.

"Working with Adam is always a pleasure and he makes the internship very welcoming and interesting" - Kristal M.

"" - Emphraim P.

“the experience has taught me about business, and how they operate. I learned how people with with other and to work on technical tasks” - Fatimah A

“The intern experience was great, getting to meet new people and learning about a business and its operations." - Tayyaba

“Being able to interact with fellow interns and working on projects while strengthening communication and collaboration skills. Definitely an amazing educational experience.” - Taha