Computer Care and Learning Internship Program

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Project List

This is a list of skills, projects and ideas for you to work on when you’re not shadowing me or doing work for customers.  Almost all of them come from our daily work helping customers, so learning them well will strengthen your ability to help people.  I’m putting them roughly in order of importance and how frequently we use these skills.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Creating how-tos help us all remember how to do things. When taking pictures for these guides, use greenshot for taking a screenshot. Visit the how-tos page to see some examples.

Learning to backup and restore computers with:

Helping customers and accessing our system remotely:

Working with Windows:

Computer and Browser safety:

Helping customers communicate:

File management:

Helping customers write, calculate, and present:

Setting up scanners:

ODB: Organizers Database

Internet connectivity:

Office networking:

Routers and firewalls:

Getting machines with sensitive info ready for donation:

Data Safety:

Billing customers:

Website management:

Helping customers upgrade shop for computers:

Accounting programs:

Protecting customers from bad-acting computer people: