Computer Care and Learning Internship Program

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CCAL Timeline

Learn more regarding the different events/opportunities here at CCAL!

CCAL Internship

Mon-Fri (11am-4pm)

  • Interns from across New York City join Adam to resolve clients' computer issues.
  • Participants develop and adjust how-to guides for backups and repairs for future use.
  • Learn technological skills such as Macrium & Syncback backups, remoting in PC's to resolve issues, and computer restorations.

Web For Business

Tuesdays (12pm-1pm)

  • Individuals from diverse backgrounds come together for a learning session.
  • Participants actively contribute their insights, experiences, and knowledge.
  • Attendees share real-world problems they encounter, initiating discussions.
  • Others offer solutions, suggestions, and different perspectives.

Get Connected Computer Clinic

Wednesdays (5pm-7pm)

  • Participants from various locations join a Zoom meeting.
  • Each participant has the opportunity to share the problem they are currently facing.
  • The meeting is open to all, without any cost.
  • Attendees offer their insights and suggestions to help solve the presented problems.